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Whether camping alone or with family and friends, there are many benefits.

Camping alone, you can completely escape the hustle and bustle of the city, stop the fast-paced life, break free from the kidnapping of our attention by electronic devices and social media, and enjoy the time that belongs to you alone, with nothing to disturb you. All you need to do is embrace nature, feel nature, experience nature. Stress and restraint are no more in the moment, you are free.


Starry night Man Camping


Camping with family and friends gives you the opportunity to open up to each other, to strengthen your relationship, to communicate without any interruptions, and to say things that you would not dare to say on weekdays. Camping also gives you the opportunity to educate your children. You can teach your children a series of skills such as fishing, hunting, making fire, cooking, and survival through camping.


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Camping can help you relax and exercise, but these experiences can be significantly compromised if you're not prepared before camping. Whether you're a novice camper or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast with over a decade of camping experience, a camping checklist is essential.

Checklists add a lot of efficiency to the prep process, and we're happy to know that we don't forget something important when we're in a rush to get out the door.

Use this checklist before each camping trip to quickly and easily gather gear.

Download or printable camping checklist

Our Simple Camping Gear Checklist

Camping checklist


If you're going camping for the first time, pack as many items on your list as possible. This way you won't compromise your camping experience by not bringing anything. And you can keep an eye out for things you're not using so you probably won't need to carry them next time you go camping.

Our Camping Checklist Expansion

How to set up a tent


Camping equipment recommendation

Camping tent

A high-quality tent is your best guarantee of a good camping experience. 

IFAST Pop Up Camping Tent Waterproof 2-3 Person

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Each tent has its capacity limit, and we generally recommend choosing a size based on the number of people you expect to be camping plus one or two people when purchasing a tent. If you are going camping alone, it is more suitable to choose a 2 person pop up camping tent. If you are going camping with a family of four, then a 6 person family tent should be able to meet your needs.

IFAST 6 Person Family Camping Tents With Top Roof Rainproof And 4 Large Mesh Windows

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It is also important to choose a tent according to the season. Three-season tents are suitable for most people's camping needs. But if you want to camp in the snow, choose a four-season tent.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are another important factor in your camping experience. There is nothing more comfortable than sleeping, and we shouldn't let our sleep experience be too bad, even in the wild.

IFAST Lightweight Sleeping Bag Waterproof Camping Gear Equipment

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The nights in the wild are very cold, so it is especially necessary to choose a warm sleeping bag. This portable lightweight waterproof sleeping bag is suitable for spring, summer and fall camping. It is rated for 23-50℉/-5-10℃, with a comfort temperature of 32-50℉/0-10℃. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, keeping you warm and comfortable while you sleep.

A sleeping pad isn't a must for camping, but trust me you won't regret adding it to your camping checklist.

This Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad is made of 30D Stretch fabric, TPU Sealing composite layer, high resilience sponge. The ergonomic design provides you with a bed-like sleep outdoors.

 Compare Color IFAST 4inch Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad for Camping

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Folding wagon cart


Folding wagon cart

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There must be a lot of equipment to bring to prepare for camping, so how to easily transport them to the campground may be a problem. Now, you need a wagon cart that can hold many camping gears.



Travel wagon and pull cart wagon provide the perfect choice for families and beach visitors! A collapsible utility wagon can tote a lot of gear from one place to another. It rolls smoothly enough to keep its contents intact on mud, grass, bumps, and curbs.


Picnic blanket

Eating and hydrating outdoors is important. A Picnic Blanket allows you to enjoy meals outdoors anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it also allows you and your friends to chat on it or take a break to enjoy the slow time in the countryside. Whether you are lying or sitting, the sun shines sparsely on your face through the shade of the trees, the breeze brushes gently in your ears, the leaves blowing rustled, and from time to time birds flashed overhead. How pleasant!

IFAST blue Outdoor Beach Picnic Blanket

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Final words

Everyone has different needs for everyone, so everyone's camping checklist will also be different. We encourage everyone to make their own camping list. Download and use our camping checklist to find out from camp to camp what's on the list that really works for you, what's on our list but you don't need and what's not on our list but you need . That way you have your own camping list!

Please let us know if we missed any camping essentials. Help us perfect this camping checklist together.

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