Camping equipment—sleeping bag

In the Oscar-winning film "Wild Hunter", the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio undressed and got into the stomach of a horse is impressive and has become a very classic scene. This scene often appears in outdoor sports, but everyone is not in the stomach of the horse, but the sleeping bag. Today, IFAST will talk about the common outdoor camping equipment-the choice of sleeping bags.

One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep, even if you travel outdoors. The quality of sleep is related to the entire outdoor sports experience, and sleeping bags are prepared for sleep problems during outdoor activities. As for what kind of sleeping bag is suitable, travel friends can start from the following aspects.

Temperature scale


sleeping bag in winter


The temperature scale is the most important indicator of a sleeping bag. Everyone must pay attention to the temperature scale when buying a sleeping bag. The temperature scale generally consists of three data: minimum temperature, comfortable low temperature, and maximum temperature. From a literal point of view, the minimum temperature is lower than this temperature may be life-threatening; the comfortable temperature refers to the ideal temperature for the sleeping bag; the maximum temperature refers to the temperature above which users will not be able to tolerate it.




Rest in a cold place. When you get up in the morning, the heat in the tent will condense into small water droplets, which may splash on the sleeping bag. Therefore, the sleeping bag must have a certain degree of waterproofness, at least to ensure that the sleeping bag is dry and comfortable. Not only that, but high-quality materials are better in terms of warmth retention, compressibility and weight. When buying, you should choose a sleeping bag with light material and good compressibility, which is more convenient to carry.



There are two main types of sleeping bag stuffing, down and chemical fiber cotton, and there is also single-layer fleece sleeping bags. Down sleeping bags are warmer, easy to squeeze, and easy to keep in their original shape. They have a longer service life, but they are more expensive and will absorb water; chemical fiber cotton has better moisture resistance, quick-drying, and low price, but it is not easy to squeeze. Backpack space has a short service life; the fleece sleeping bag can be used as a summer sleeping bag or a sanitary sleeping bag alone, or it can be used with other sleeping bags in winter to enhance the warmth retention effect.

The biggest advantage of down sleeping bags is their warmth retention. High-fluffy goose-down sleeping bags are used to keep warm while reducing weight. Special anti-splashing technology is adopted to keep dry for 17 times longer than ordinary sleeping bags, which is more warm and comfortable. The design of the fit sleeping bag hood can effectively resist the invasion of cold wind.



It can be said that the shape of the sleeping bag is directly related to the warmth of the sleeping bag. There are three main types: mummy-shaped, semi-rectangular, and envelope-shaped. In terms of warmth, it decreases in order, and in terms of comfort, it increases in order.

Mummy shaped. The feet are narrower, then go up to the shoulders to widen, and finally have a temperature-isolated headband above the shoulders. A suitable head pocket should be able to be tightened to prevent cold wind from blowing in.


Mummy sleeping bag


Semi-rectangular. This sleeping bag not only saves volume and weight but also takes into account the requirements of sleeping comfort. Most of these sleeping bags have head pockets. To obtain a better temperature insulation effect, its shape is generally relatively compact.


Semi-rectangular sleeping bag


Envelope shape. This kind of sleeping bag is mostly used for camping in the wild under warm conditions. This is because the original intention of the design of this sleeping bag is to meet people's requirements for the comfort of camping in the wild to the utmost extent. As a result, it will inevitably lead to more heat loss. This kind of sleeping bag can generally be used as a cushion by opening the zipper. This kind of sleeping bag generally does not have a special head pocket.



There are generally two standards for the length of a sleeping bag, one is suitable for those with a height below 180cm, and the other is suitable for those with a height below 195cm. Of course, some manufacturers will provide "extra-long" sleeping bags, or sleeping bags specially designed for women and children, which can be selected according to their needs when purchasing.

In outdoor sports, you can't relax in any aspect, let alone sleep and rest such important things. Sleeping bags are almost indispensable equipment in outdoor activities. Sometimes, in some harsh environments, sleeping bags are even important equipment to protect life. So for those who often do outdoor sports, we must remember this little knowledge about sleeping bags.

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