How to choose your first tent?

If you ask, what is the first camping gear you need to buy? 90% of people will choose tents because tents are outdoor homes that protect us from wind and rain. Therefore, before starting the camping activity, be sure to buy a tent!

You can search for tents on the purchase platform. There are various kinds of tents, which makes camping novices a headache and don't know how to buy them. As an outdoor sports brand, IFAST will talk about choosing tents today!

First, you need to ask yourself these questions-


1.What kind of camping do you want?

 This will largely determine the type of tent you buy.

  • If you choose backpacking camping, that is, carry all the equipment with your backpack, and reach the campsite after a long hike, then what you need is a lightweight and compact tent
  • If you plan to do car camping, load all the equipment on the car and drive to the camping site by yourself, then the weight and size of the tent will not be the limiting factor. A comfortable and spacious family camping tent is a great choice.


tent for camping


2.With whom do you use the tent?

  • If only one person uses the tent, then a two-person tent is spacious enough; in addition to tents, sleeping bags, and cushions, there is enough space to put backpacks, clothing and other sundries in the tent
  • If you are camping with family or friends and live in a tent together, then a large tent with several bedrooms is the best choice
  • The tent manual will indicate the size of the tent and the suitable number of people, you can choose according to this. If you plan to use a camping bed or inflatable bed, please remember that this equipment will take up more space than ordinary self-inflating cushions, so you must choose a suitable tent according to their size
  • Keep in mind that larger tents can be more difficult to place and pack, so make sure not to buy more tents than you need.


3.When is camping?

  • In late spring, summer and early autumn, the weather is warm and the scenery is beautiful. It is a suitable season for camping, especially for beginners. The three-season tent can well meet the characteristics of these three seasons.
  • If you plan to camp in cold and snowy winters, you can consider buying a 4-season tent. Although they are called 4-season tents, they are mainly used for winter camping or alpine camping.



4.What price of the tent to buy?

  • The price of tents is high or low, so before buying, you should choose the price range of purchase. It is recommended that novice campers purchase mid-range tents with relatively high-cost performance.
  • Some people may think that if you want to buy the best tent, you understand this idea. If you are sure that you like camping and that you will camp frequently, it is reasonable to invest in the best tent.
  • But if you are camping for the first time and it is not clear whether you will frequently camp in the future, then it is a good choice to choose a mid-range tent. Renting a tent is also a good choice.
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