How to skateboard for beginners

I believe that many of my friends have heard about skateboarding. I still remember that when I was a child, I used to play the snake board and thought it was skateboarding. I slid around. When I grew up, I realized that skateboarding and snake board couldn’t get through. As a beginner Skateboarding is pretty fast, but there are still a lot of skills worth learning. If you are interested, let's take a look at!

How to skate for a longer time?


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Move your body's center of gravity to the feet that are already on the board, lean your upper body slightly forward, bend your knees, and extend your arms. Keep your balance and you will be able to slide for a long time. Then use the left and right sides of the foot presser to control the direction.

How to practice skateboarding beginners?



1.Make preparations first

To skateboard, you must learn some preparatory actions first, and the basic skills cannot be ignored. Don’t think about doing it overnight. The preparatory action is to stand on two feet, and then lay the skateboard flat on the flat ground in front of your feet.

2.Practice the essentials of boarding

We put the skateboard flat in front of our feet, then lift one foot and step on the front end of the skateboard. Then, don't rush the other heel up, but keep the other foot on the ground, and practice repeatedly. plate.

3.Maintain the balance of the body

Although we still place one foot on the ground, after all, the other foot is already on the skateboard and sliding forward. Therefore, we must maintain a good center of gravity, practice body balance, and try not to fall.

4.Put both feet on the board at the same time

When we put one foot on the skateboard and can slide smoothly, we can consider putting both feet on the skateboard at the same time. At this time, the upper body should lean forward slightly with the arms extended and the knees bent.

5.Glide forward with the help of pedaling force

After practicing with both feet standing on the skateboard to maintain balance, we can try to make the skateboard move. The specific method is to gently push the ground with the foot on the ground, and then lift the foot and place it on the back of the skateboard. You can move forward.

6.Don't be afraid of falling and getting hurt

For beginners, try to be brave, because if you are afraid of injury, you must learn slowly, or even fail to learn. The correct way is to take protective measures and try bravely at the same time. Get up, don't be afraid.

7.Fully enjoy the fun of sliding

To do one thing, the best teacher is fun, so we should be full of fun in skateboarding. Only when we want to do it well in our hearts, can we invest in it and make such a cool thing. Things stick to the end.

Do beginner skateboarders need protective gear?



Wear protective gear when skating, especially your wrists and helmet. The head must be well protected, so that it can't be hurt. Wrist protectors can help avoid twisting the wrist in the event of a fall. Protective gear for the elbow and knee joints helps to avoid injury to the joints in the event of a fall.

Don't worry about wearing a protective helmet or looking dumb or being laughed at. Your body is your own; if you hurt your body because you didn't protect yourself, no one else will be responsible for your health and life. If you don't have a physique like me who can exercise regularly, can play, fall, and have no bruising or similar injuries if you fall, you should protect yourself as much as possible and avoid injury as much as possible.

Wearing or not wearing protective gear has nothing to do with whether you love skateboarding or not. No matter what you do, safety and health come first. Protect yourself to better work, study, and live, and to do all kinds of sports, including skateboarding. Those who love and are responsible for themselves will try their best to protect themselves when doing risky sports, to reduce the risk of injury and reduce the worry of family and friends.

Don't care about other people's sarcasm. People who mock or laugh at others are low-quality people, and such people don't need to pay attention to them. Focus on improving yourself and accept constructive guidance humbly.

Come on! Practice as much as you can, and the slippery the better!

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