How to use a resistance band to exercise

Generally, dumbbells are used to build muscles, but the effect of elastic bands is not bad. The greater the application range of the elastic band, the greater the resistance. Just in line with the principle of fitness and muscle growth. Elastic bands are no longer exclusively for women, and many men are also using them. So here is a brief introduction to the use of several elastic bands.


1.Resistance band facial muscles


Resistance band facial muscles


This is the basic movement used by the fabric exercise band. Hold the elastic band with both hands and pull it out. Pull it to a position where it cannot be pulled, and then shrink the shoulder blades and hold it at the peak position for about 3 seconds before returning to the original position. Elastic band facial muscles can exercise our trapezius and deltoid muscles.

2.Resistance band push-ups

First, cross the resistance band and put it behind the shoulder blades, and then do push-ups normally. This way, the resistance of doing push-ups is much greater than the original push-ups, and it also exercises our chest muscles very well.


Resistance band push-ups


3.Resistance band joint distraction


Resistance band joint distraction


This is also a common movement for elastic bands. Use elastic bands and stand a little forward in the initial position. Pull your feet apart so that your feet are wider than your shoulders, and your back should be parallel to the ground. Then pull the elastic force out. This action is our hips, which can exercise our gluteus maximus and hamstrings very well.

4.Standing one-arm pulldown


Standing one-arm pulldown


Stand naturally in front of the elastic band, stand back and forth with your feet, and then tie the upper side of your arms with the elastic band. Pull your elbows forward, rotating and pulling toward your abdomen. This exercise exercises the muscles on both sides of the back.

5.Resistance band neck back arm flexion

Resistance band neck back arm flexion


This action is a little dangerous, the body is naturally vertical, and then the palms of both hands are on it, holding the elastic band together. Then pull the elastic band back to the neck and do the arm flexion and extension. At this time, the head and elbows should be stable. Then slowly return to the original position, this movement is a good exercise for the triceps.

6.Front squat with resistance band


Front squat with resistance band


This is also an enhanced version of the squat action. We hold the elastic band with our palms on top, and then put it on our shoulders. At this time, you can do squats normally, keep your body upright when squatting, and bend the waist tightly, which may easily hurt your spine. This action can exercise the lower body muscles as well as our gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles.

7.Resistance band shoulder bench press


Resistance band shoulder bench press


This is also a very practical movement for elastic bands. We step on the elastic band with our feet and stretch our feet apart, and the width of our feet is greater than the width of our shoulders. Then pull the elastic band up with both hands to the highest position we can pull, maintain the three-sided movement, and slowly return to the original initial movement. This action exercises the deltoid muscle of the human body very well.

8.Resistance band hamstring curl

This is also a movement that is very popular among fitness professionals. Prepare a fitness stool, and then we sit on the stool, the elastic band binds our feet, then the fixed position of the elastic band is higher than the position where the elastic band binds our feet. Then do leg flexion and extension movements. When the legs are bent, keep the movement for 2 seconds. This movement exercises our thigh hamstrings very well.

The above exercises are recommended for one set of about ten times, and two sets a day. This can exercise our muscles well. Elastic band fitness and dumbbell exercise have their advantages. I hope everyone can use the elastic band to exercise reasonably because it has a higher safety factor than dumbbells.

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