What does a real Glamping look like

What do you think of when you mention "camping"?

Perhaps the first thing you think of is to get close to the beautiful nature, but then what comes to mind is some colorful outdoor tents, heavy and troublesome equipment, water and electricity and it is not convenient to go to the toilet, and all kinds of mosquitoes are flying around...

This kind of ascetic experience makes people's interest index straight down down down.

Don't rush to quit, this idea is too misunderstood for camping! As you know, the popular camping methods at home and abroad have already achieved "super evolution", like this

Approach the mountains and grasslands, use high-end tents and equipment to surround you with the aroma of flowers, barbecue, wine, and coffee, and enjoy reading, watching a movie, or having a night chat with friends...

This extremely exquisite camping method also has an exclusive term--Glamping!

Too many people are trapped in the reinforced concrete in the city, eager to get away from heavy work and breathe some fresh air in nature, but they are worried that the excessively "wild" camping method is not safe. Then, close to nature, beauty and Comfortable Glamping may be the most suitable choice for you.

IFAST will give you an in-depth analysis of Glamping, and invite industry experts to broadcast the introduction guide! It's worth your patience to read!

What exactly is Glamping?




Glamping is popular new gameplay nowadays. In fact, the source of this term is "Camping", but Camping is too hard. In the early days, some campers abroad wanted to play tricks and put "Glamorous (glamorous)" The elements are integrated into it.

Glamorous+Camping=Glamping, a new way of living that combines the luxury experience of a five-star hotel with camping and makes outdoor vacations stylish and tasteful.

The word Glamping first appeared in the UK, and some people say that it is a vocabulary coined by the American "millennials". Although the vocabulary is very young, this kind of gameplay has already appeared in the upper class of Europe as early as the 16th century. In pursuit of fresh gameplay, people put the luxury furniture and supplies in the palace into the field tents.

Turning to the 20th century, rich Americans and Europeans fell in love with the hunting holiday in Africa and were unwilling to give up the comfort of their luxury homes, so they upgraded their tents and even bought antique furniture, double beds, Persian carpets, bathtubs, etc. Luxurious furniture is put into it to create a "nomad tent" (this is also the reason why luxury Glamping is common in Africa).

Developed into the 21st century, Glamping has long been not only exclusive to the wealthy. People who want to go on a vacation in the wild do not have to give up their comfort, do not have to abuse their body and mind, or even need to spend expensive purchases of any furniture or equipment to enjoy it. Cheng has both the comfort of a hotel and a camping holiday close to nature!


How to play advanced Glamping?

You just need to go to the dedicated Glamping website to browse, and you will find that there have been a large number of businesses providing camping camps, building beautiful and comfortable, fully furnished Glamping accommodation, complete facilities such as water, electricity and heating, and even restaurants, shops, and book bars. Wait for a place!

The form of Glamping is not just limited to tents, there are usually dozens of options such as cabins, yurts, trailers, tipis, etc., and they are even classified according to the degree of perfection of Glamping facilities.



"Scene Glamping" can be understood as "exquisite camping", which focuses on creating camping scenes, setting off the atmosphere of outdoor vacations, and giving yourself a pleasing beauty through exquisite ornaments, tents, and decorative objects.

What equipment does Glamping need? Which brands are recommended?

To perform Glamping, the most basic equipment is:

Tents, tables and chairs (egg roll table, butterfly chair), carts, cooking utensils (cassette stove, Moka pot, bean grinder, etc.), decorative items (flowers, retro lanterns, ukulele, etc.).

It is actually not recommended to buy overly expensive tent brands such as "Big Baixiong" as soon as they come up. It is better to try more cost-effective brands, such as DOD, HARMFUL, Naturehike, etc., whose prices are from a few It can range from hundreds to thousands.

Do newbies experience Glamping, any suggestions on a specific itinerary?

Glamping is divided into overnight and non-overnight. It is recommended that novices start to experience without overnight, set up a tent, put an egg roll table and chairs, use a cassette stove to make a cup of tea, and sit in the nature to read a book. Do a simple immersive experience to feel the atmosphere, this kind of simple configuration can be done with five or six thousand, and you don't need to buy a lot of things as soon as you come up.

When you find yourself fascinated by this experience, you can further choose overnight Glamping. For example, when you face the problem of damp ground while sleeping, you need to purchase moisture-proof cushions, air beds, bedding, etc., and you can gradually increase the equipment at that time.


How to choose a Glamping venue?

The most recommended camping site is the endless lawn, which is more beautifully decorated with scenery, such as a lake with a green mountain back... But it is not recommended to go to the woods. The terrain is more complicated and there are too many trees, which is not conducive to deploying the tent.



In addition, compared to the completely "wild" nature, I recommend camping sites for novices. These places are not only safer, but also provide facilities such as water, electricity, toilets, and more convenient and comfortable.

Is there anything else I should pay attention to in Glamping?

In addition to the purchase of equipment and venues for beginners, one point that is often overlooked is to pay attention to the weather. For example, windy weather is a headache; the other is the season. Exquisite camping is usually experienced in summer, and the comfort is better.

The above is the in-depth explanation of Glamping in this issue. You will feel it after watching it. Glamping is not only a new way to play but also allows us who have lived in the cage for a long time to break free from the shackles and return to the outdoors in a decent, delicate and comfortable way. Naturally, let the soul slow down.

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