What is the main function of trekking poles?

Theoretically speaking, any force-bearing point contacting the ground will produce a reaction force. The legs of the human body are two parallel points, and the reaction forces generated during walking can cancel each other, but if only a single cane is used, a reaction force is generated on one side, If there is no one side, the balance of the human body is reduced. Of course, through the coordination of human muscle tissue, these problems can be concealed, but these problems will still burst out in emergencies or accumulation to a certain extent. At this time The danger arises, what should I pay attention to when using adjustable trekking poles?

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Walking on a mountain road, when there is a cliff on one side. Be sure to use trekking poles on the mountainside, otherwise, the danger will easily occur! Normally, develop the habit of using walking sticks for both hands; try not to insert trekking poles into seawater or water with high calcium content, such as Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou waters. Otherwise, it will corrode the walking stick or it will be difficult to clean up; the trekking pole is not a magic stick or a vajra stick. Be gentle with it. Even if you use it violently, the stick will break and it may be dangerous. Everyone knows what the main function of trekking poles is. NS?

1.When you are advancing on uneven mountain roads, trekking poles can keep your body balanced and avoid some falling or stumbling.

2.When crossing the river, trekking poles are equivalent to adding a fulcrum to your body, which is conducive to maintaining balance in the turbulent and slippery river.



3.When going uphill, trekking poles can help your feet help, and when going downhill, they can help reduce the vibration of the knees and reduce the damage to the body.

4.There may be snakes when walking on mountain roads with bushes. At this time, trekking poles can be used to explore the way in front of them, which can play a role in killing grass and scaring snakes.

5.Although it is not a gang of beggars, if you have a trekking pole, you also have a dog stick. You can use it to deal with wild dogs when you pass the village.

6.When resting, you can use trekking poles to prop up the mat to make a simple awning to shelter from the sun.

7.In winter, when passing low trees with snow, you can use trekking poles to knock the snow off the branches so that the snow will not fall on your body.

8.Some trekking poles can also be used as a single-angle stand for the camera. While hiking, if you have a hobby of photography, this trekking pole is a good choice.

The above is the main function of the trekking poles introduced by the editor of Baibai Safety Net. Since trekking poles have so many functions, try to bring a trekking pole when you are outdoors.

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