How to stay cool in summer camping

The vitality of summer calls us into nature, camping, hiking, mountaineering... But at the same time, the hot sun also makes outdoor sports less comfortable? What can I do to stay cooler when camping?

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9 tips to keep you cool on summer camping

1. Choose the right tent

The size and design of the tent can affect the temperature inside the tent.

Larger tents mean better ventilation, increasing the airflow inside the tent, allowing heat and moisture to escape from the inside out. This means that if there is more ventilation and more air to heat, the big tent won't hold the heat as well as the smaller tent with less ventilation. Therefore, if you are a family of four going out camping, it is best to bring a 6 person family tent.

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The tent's fine mesh walls prevent insect bites while also letting breezes through, increasing air flow, giving you the best of both worlds for your warm-weather camping. If you're going to camp in the summer, it's best to choose a tent with as much mesh as possible.

Tips:Don't bring four season tents for summer camping, they're designed to stay warm in winter

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2. Dismantling the tent during the day

Walking into a tent that has been in the sun for a day is like walking into a sauna, right? Because the tent absorbs the scorching sunlight and stores the heat, the temperature inside the tent is too high.

So the smart thing to do - put away the tent during the day and set it up again after the sun goes down.

There are two advantages to doing this:

1. Keep the tent cool.

2. Reduce the damage to the fabric caused by direct sunlight and prolong the service life of the tent.

While it may sound like a hassle to dismantle the tent during the day and put it back together after the sun goes down, it's worth it.

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3. Set up your camping tent in the shade

Setting up a tent in the shade is also a great way to keep cool while camping. The trees will replace the tent, absorbing most of the hot light, making the tent cooler. A campsite that shrouds the tent in shade from every angle is perfect. That way you don't have to put away the tent even during the day.

4. Use a canopy to create artificial shade

Using a sun shade canopy is one of the best tips for staying cool while camping. It will reflect sunlight back into the sky, keeping the tent cool.

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If you go to a campground without enough trees to provide shade, carrying a canopy is something you must not forget. Use them to block your tent or social area from the sun’s direct light. Even after the sun has risen, the umbrella will keep you asleep.

Tips: The awning needs to be built above the tent, and at least 12 inches (30cm) of space should be left between the tent and the tent to keep the air flowing between them. This kind of shading effect is the best.


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5. Take down the rain flies when it's not raining

After falling asleep at night, the heat, moisture and moisture generated by the human body will float upward and condense on the rain shower outside the tent, making the tent sultry. So if it's sunny and rainy, removing the tent's rain flies can increase air movement, release heat, and keep sleeping areas cooler. But don't leave rain flies at home, you're in trouble if it happens to rain.

6. Drink enough water

Water is a good coolant and has a high specific heat capacity. For the same mass of substances, water absorbs more heat by 1 degree. One of the most important ways to stay cool and safe in hot summer is to drink more. water. When your body feels hot, it starts to sweat to cool itself down. However, if you're not hydrating enough, you may not be able to produce the sweat you need to maintain a safe temperature. This can lead to dangerous situations like dehydration or heat stroke!

Tips: Be careful not to drink too much alcohol in hot outdoor conditions. Alcoholic beverages can actually lead to dehydration, so if you want to drink, wait until the night is cooler and drink while looking at the stars. Or wait until winter camping, wine can keep you warm.


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7. Camping by the water

Ambient temperatures near water features such as lakes, creeks, and rivers are usually lower than in dry, waterless places. Therefore, when choosing a camping site, try to choose a place with water, whether it is the seaside or the lakeside, it is a good choice. In addition to lowering the ambient temperature, you can also spend time in the water. What's cooler than playing in the water in summer? Bring your inflatable stand-up paddle board and get up close and personal with the sea!

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Tips: Mosquitoes are usually very high around the water, remember to bring enough mosquito repellent and insect repellent.

8. Try sleeping in a hammock

Sleeping in a hammock is another great option, fully exposing yourself to the wind and enjoying the stars at night. But remember that exposure to wind also means you are exposed to mosquitoes. Do a good job of mosquito protection, or believe me you will be very miserable!


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9. Use a portable fan

While some people go camping to escape modern technology, however. . . We don't need to embarrass ourselves. Even the slightest wind can make people feel cool on a hot summer day, but the natural environment is not always windy, and this is when we need a fan. A good fan should be portable, quiet, lightweight, and can be attached to the tent.

The bottom line

Have you mastered these camping tips for keeping cool? Hope you have an unforgettable camping trip! ​​​​

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