Our Story

IFAST originally sold its name-brand products on large third-party platforms like Amazon. It has accumulated thousands of customers and gained a good reputation. In 2019, the IFAST FITNESS online store was created for the home gym category to provide home fitness solutions for fitness enthusiasts during this particular time. Gradually, the IFAST family expanded again and finally built its online store at www.ifastsports.com. IFAST has always adhered to a goal since its inception—To make a comprehensive shopping website integrating Home gyms, outdoor sports, and water sports to meet people's vision of pursuing a healthy life. This is the continuous vision and motivation behind the growth and development of IFAST.

 It takes time, patience and a leap of faith to find a foothold in this highly competitive industry-every second is worth it. From the beginning of the establishment, we have been very grateful to our customers, because without you, we would not be able to write a good IFAST story!

Why choose us

In an environment where all people are pursuing health, IFAST wants to provide you with diversified choices. Whether you want to build a home gym or want to participate in outdoor sports, you can choose from IFAST.

Furthermore, IFAST prides itself on fast and efficient delivery times. Orders are usually shipped within 2 business days after the order is placed. Tracking will be available and emailed to you once the item is shipped from our local warehouse (CA, VA, TX). You can expect a general delivery time of 7 business days to receive your product. We offer a 30-day return and exchange policy. Please see the refund policy for details.

Our guarantee

Quality product

We strictly control that the products are of high quality and at the same time to ensure that the price is appropriate.

Complete after-sales service

We solve after-sales problems in a timely and patient manner, and we are committed to let everyone who loves life and family better enjoy a warm and happy family life.

Professional team

We are equipped with many high-quality quality inspection teams to provide the greatest guarantee of product quality

Fast logistics and distribution

We have overseas warehouses, which can quickly respond to orders and arrange logistics and distribution in time.

30 Days Return

If you are not satisfied with the goods, we can arrange a return or refund for you within 30 days to solve your worries.

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