• Camping Checklist For You

    Camping Checklist For You | IFAST
    Camping is a great way to unwind, relieve stress and fatigue, and foster relationship development, and a good camping checklist can help you get the most out of those experiences.
  • SUP Introduction and Buying Guide

    SUP Introduction and Buying Guide
    SUP (Stand-up paddle boarding) has strong water adaptability and diverse gameplay. To better match, different waters and game plays, SUP's leading equipment (boards) are quite other in size, shape and structure. 
  • Teach you to set up a tent in 10 minutes

    Teach you to set up a tent in 10 minutes | IFAST
    More and more people go camping with anticipation and enthusiasm, but because it is the first time in their life, they are always at a loss when it comes to setting up a tent, and the choice of camp is not particularly suitable, so the whole experience of camping is not the same. particularly ideal.  Here are some tips for you to set up...
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